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Biblioteksbella presenterar: några nyinkomna böcker

Precis idag fick vi in tre stycken nya böcker med hbtq/qtbh-tema. Intervjuboken Beyond Magenta av författaren och fotografen Susan Kuklin samt romanerna Lies my girlfriend told me av den amerikanska författaren Julie Anne Peters samt If you could be mine av den Iransk-Amerikanska författaren Sara Farizan.

Beyond Magenta av Susan Kuklin

I Beyond Magenta har författaren och fotografen Susan Kuklin intervjuat sex stycken transsexuella eller könsneutrala ungdomar om deras liv. Läsaren ges en förståelse för genus som ett spektrum och som en social kontruktion, samt får en inblick i de utmaningar som även den mest välanpassade och mest stöttade transsexuella tonåring får utstå och ta sig igenom, som mobbing, ensamhet och känslor av obehag i sin egen kropp.
When readers meet New York City teenager Christina, she has gotten into a knock-down fight on the subway with two girls who were making fun of her; although Kuklin’s color and b&w portraits appear throughout, 19-year-old Mariah requests no photographs of her be used, confessing, “I’m not ready for people to see me.” While Kuklin’s subjects are candid about the difficulties of coming out as transgender to family and friends and the patience that transitioning often requires, their honest, humorous, and painful remarks about their relationships with gender are often downright revelatory. “Because I’m perceived as male, I get male privileges. It weirds me out a little bit,” says Cameron, whose PGP (preferred gender pronoun) is the plural “they.” Nat, who also prefers “they,” is relieved when diagnosed as intersex. “It proved what I had been feeling all along. I was not only emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually both sexes; I was physically both sexes, too. This is who I am.” (ur Publishers Weeklys recension)

Lies my girlfriend told me av Julie Anne Peters
I romanen Lies my girlfriend told me av Julie Anne Peters träffar vi Alix vars flickvän Swanee dör av ett plötsligt och oväntat hjärtstillestånd. Alix hittar hennes mobil, full med en sms från en mystisk "L.T". Det sista meddelandet lyder: "Please tell me what I did. Please, Swan. Te amo. I love you." Alix känner sig chockad och lurad, och förstår att Swanne har levt ett dubbelliv, där hon dejtat en tjej vid namn Liana under hela den tid de varit tillsammans.  För att få veta mer, börjar Alix  skicka meddelanden till Liana från Swanees mobil, där hon utger sig för att vara Swanee. Meddelandena leder fram till ett möte och en ny relation.
They begin spending more and more time together, and despite her best intentions, and the fact that she's falling hard for her, Alix can't bring herself to tell Lianna that she had sent the texts pretending to be Swanee. This dilemma, which naturally resolves itself into a happy high school love affair, is the largest conflict in the plot. Questions about Swanee's controlling nature arise, as do the effect her neglectful parents had on her and her sister, but the majority of the book leaves readers with what is largely a love story with a small mystery thrown in. The book does not focus on sexuality, and it's a pleasure to read a typical teen romance that just happens to be between two girls. Romance fans of any persuasion will be swept up in this slow-paced but ultimately sweet story. (ur School Library Journals recension)

If you could be mine av Sara Farizan
If you could be mine av Sara Farizan handlar om sjuttonåriga Sahar som varit kär i sin bästa vän, Nasrin, sen de var sex år gamla. Iran är tyvärr ett farligt land för två förälskade tjejer. De riskerar att blir slagna, fängslade eller till och med avrättade, om deras förhållande avslöjas. En dag meddelar Nasrins föräldrar att de hittat en man att gifta bort henne med. Sahar kommer på något som kan vara den perfekta lösningen på deras problem. En lösning som är allt annat än riskfri.
This provocative coming-of-age story takes place in contemporary Iran, where the sight of a woman’s elbows can provoke police action; homosexuality, “a bargain made with the devil,” carries threats of beating and hanging; but being transsexual is recognized by the government as a treatable illness. Seventeen-year-old Sahar, who has wanted to marry her best friend Nasrin since they were six years old, dreams of living openly with her lover. Nasrin prefers to accept an arranged marriage, while intending to continue their illicit affair. Exposed to a world of sexual diversity by her gay cousin and made desperate by Nasrin’s impending marriage, Sahar explores the one legal option for the two of them to be together: her own sex reassignment surgery. Throughout this strong debut, Farizan weaves in details of daily Iranian life, exposing the various opportunities available to people depending upon their academic prowess, financial status, social class, and sexuality. Within a rigid societal structure, her fleshed-out characters wrestle with depression, hope, complacency, and risk, and live out the consequences of their choices. (ur Publishers Weeklys recension)

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